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I’m a Signal… Get Me Out of Here!

Looking for an innovative method to get data from below ground assets with little to no data signal.

Reason for this opportunity?
Anglian Water strive to provide outstanding customer service, and are investing in understanding the network by increasing the monitoring capabilities through a variety of sensor technologies. However the Anglian Water region faces a real challenge with some remote areas experiencing bad communications signal, which is made worse as a high percentage of the equipment is housed below ground level.

To ensure this monitoring is effective and consistent we need to ensure we have reliable communications across the region.

What is the current solution?
Currently chambers with composite lids are used where possible to ensure signal can get out of underground assets. Data is also collated through mobile data and there are early stage investigations of the use of Narrowband – Internet of Things (NBIoT), which is low powered radio etc.

What would we love to see?
We would like to see anything innovative solutions that will allow sensors to communicate from underground. The solution could be using different communication channels, additional widgits or even a new design for the construction of the housing in which they sit.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment or have a solution? Submit a form.

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